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On Feb 24, 4:56*pm, Tēm ShermĒn™ °_° ""twshermanREMOVE\"@THI
$" wrote:
On 2/24/2011 10:33 AM, Bruce Jensen wrote:

On Feb 20, 4:42 pm, Bob *wrote:
In , Me says...

Oh, No you have done it Bob.... You have incurred the rathe of Edward
the Great... a NoAccount of no Note, who frequents the Newsgroups here
a-bouts, with his whity comments, and seems to have a rather loose
Sexual Preference.... *Just watch yourself... He just might be in league
with those Buffalo Campaign idiots..... and we ALL Know how dangerous
they were...

Hmmm... Good point. I hadn't thought of the BFC analogy, though I've had quite a
bit of experience with those loons. (Hell, I'm even on their list of potential

Me * * *One who can recognize Lunacy in all its forms....- Hide quoted text -

I am on their list of ACTUAL contributors :-)

The BFC people might do better if they realized the animal in question
is a bison, and not a buffalo.

They're trying to communicate to the majority of people (like Ed) who
still think it's a beefalo or a bufflecow or some such silliness.

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