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On 10/29/2019 10:57 AM, Joy Beeson wrote:

... When you stop GET OFF THE
ROAD. Never mind that it's three in the morning and this road has
almost no traffic during rush hour.

Regarding getting off the road when you stop:

YES! And that rule should apply even to Multi-User Paths - which, sadly,
are places where people think _no_ rules apply.

In our bike club, I've become the grumpy old man who too frequently
tells people to do something differently. One recurring topic is to not
block the road when we stop.

But I recognize the difficulty. The problem arises most often when a
group of riders hits a stop sign, then decides to wait for whoever is
last. At the moment of stopping, the country road is empty. The problem
comes when motorists arrive before the last rider.

And the other problem comes when the grumpy old man says "We should stop
off the road." I'm sure many riders think "Why is he always complaining?
There are no cars." ... yet!

- Frank Krygowski

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