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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Yesterday I dashed out for chicken makhani, dug my yellow do-rag out
of winter storage, wondered where my summer cycling gloves were (I'm
pretty sure they are in the bag of things-to-darn I keep in case of
unexpected dash to a waiting room), wore only one jersey, and
regretted wearing my thickest pair of tights.

There was only one day of sheer linen scarf between fuzzy cotton-linen
scarf and linen do-rag. But I haven't put either scarf away yet.

This morning, when I put a recently-emptied egg carton into the bag
that I'll take to the Farmer's Market in May, a bag hanging on the
shoe hook caught my eye. What bright yellow thing did I put into a
plastic bag?

Turned out to be the mittens, lambswool scarf, and nylon overjersey I
carried in case the weather got colder. Never wore the mittens even
once, to my great relief -- they make it very hard to get my
handkerchief out of my pocket. I was packing for a shopping trip or
some-such, wanted the space, forgot removing the winter clothes from
the pannier and temporarily hanging them on the hook. The mittens and
scarf are now put away for the summer. I considered putting the
overjersey on a hanger and the hangar on a hook, but reflected that I
never start out in the rain, but when the weather is a bit warmer I'll
start out when there's a chance I'll get caught in the rain, so I'll
leave it folded up and bagged to carry in a pannier.

Come July I'll start *hoping* I get caught in the rain, and leave the
overjersey at home.

Daffodils, narcissus, and hyacinth are in full show. I should weed
the garden, but I'll stay inside and sew -- if there is any time left
after I stop playing with the computer.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at centurylink dot net


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