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Default How to choose indoor cycling machines?

DT was sufficiently re-animated to talk about How to choose indoor
cycling machines?
What are the main considerations for selection of indoor cycling machines.
I see there are two main groups 1) flywheel type and 2) magnetic drive

Thanks for your advice.

all "turbo trainers" have a fly wheel (I stand to be corrected...), they
differ in the type of resistance provided.

1) fan - noisy but simple. A fan attached to the flywheel takes energy
to push through the air, making you work. Mostly non-adjustable for

2) magnetic. Quieter, works by magic (I can't see how the effort to pull
each set apart isn't mostly made up by their attraction to the next
set....), slightly uneven feel to the pedals (IMHO), usually adjustable

3) fluid. A fan encased in fluid. Quieter than fan in air and magnetic,
also smoother than mag, also more expensive. Adjustable ones available.

Personally, I use a non-adjustable fluid. After all, there's 21 gears on
my bike to make life easier and harder.

Then there's rollers, where you want the contact point (trainers that
run on the rims are available if you ride knobbly tyres), do you want
the front level off and the bike held on the trainer's frame (if you
have back-wheel only, you may want a block under the front tyre to level
the bike back up) computer monitoring and control..... as usual, how
much do you want to spend? Then get out, and try a few!


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