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Default How to choose indoor cycling machines?

Simon Brooke was sufficiently re-animated to talk about How to choose
indoor cycling machines?
"DT" writes:

What are the main considerations for selection of indoor cycling machines.
I see there are two main groups 1) flywheel type and 2) magnetic drive

I really can't see the point of static cycles, rowing machines, etc. I
mean, sitting in a room doing work to achieve nothing (or to make an
unpleasant noise) seems to me to be the epitome of pointlessness. If
you want exercise, get out on your bike and go somewhere.

So your lungs don't react like mine, which fill up with lovely uccky
stuff if I try to cycle anything below 8-10'C.... With a trainer I can
start again late next spring with something in my legs


Why does everything nice I buy at the moment keep @##*%ing breaking?
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