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On 13 Jul 2003 07:55:06 -0700, (The Ogre) wrote:

..Mike Vandeman wrote in message
.. . They help people. You wouldn't understand. Mountain bikers care only
.. . about themselves.
.. .
.. .I know two nerosurgeons, one cardiac surgen, a handful of nurses, emts, a
.. .bunch of teachers, college professors, police officers, and fire fighters
.. .(yeah, I work in public service myself) who mountain bike avidly.
.. Okay, I guess (1) those people USED to care about people; (2) I know it's a
.. stereotype, and only true of SOME of the people in those professions. But the
.. fact that they are mountain bikers proves that they don't care about wildlife or
.. other people, only about their own selfish pleasures.
..Indeed and you are so caring that you try to get people fired from
..their jobs for disagreeing with your fascist views. Including
..stabbing your fellow Sierra Clubers in the back because they weren't
..elitist enough for you. Indeed Mike who are you trying to dig up dirt
..on now Mike? Is it a mountain biker or are you planning on weeding
..out some fellow SCers who don't fit your ideal environmentalist mold?

You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Those people were caught
red-handed stealing from their employers.

I just tell the truth -- something that mountain bikers can't stand.
I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)

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