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On 15 Jul 2003 22:24:03 -0700, (Dennis Baker) wrote:

..Mike Vandeman wrote in message
.. . You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Those people were caught
.. . red-handed stealing from their employers.
.. .
.. .I know enough. What exactally did these people steal Mike?
.. Time -- when they were supposed to be working.
..And the evidence against them was..... Mike "Rat Fink" Vandeman's
..Pristine testimony.

No. Their email, in black and white.

.. And are
.. .you talking about your fellow Sierra Club members or the Mountain
.. .Bikers?
.. Both.
.."I stab everyone in the Back" Mike states proudly. "If I can't win a
..debate with them I'll just Rat Fink on anyone who disagrees with me."

No, they caused their own problems. I only reported the truth.

.. . No one was "caught" red handed doing anything.
.. You are lying.
..No Mike, you are lying. The only thing that incriminated these people
..was the lies that you told.

BS. Their email was the undisputable proof. You are lying, because you know
NOTHING about it.

.. .No Mike, you are not telling the truth, you are avoiding saying
.. .anything near the truth. Why did the Sierra Club ban you from holding
.. .any leadership positions?
.. They didn't. They had to drop the bogus complaint, due to their own bylaws.
..Indeed Mike V. now brags openly about escaping justice through a
..loophole in the bylaws. He chuckles under his breath as he brags
.."They didn't have a provision Ratfink Provision so they had to drop
..the charges".
..But it doesn't really matter because now they all know what it's like have a Rat Fink in their ranks.

That's what criminals call someone who tells the truth about them. How
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