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Default What are you doing Saturday September 3rd?

Itís going to be another great ride!

Date: September3rd (Saturday)
Time: 10:30am
Place: 36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview N.Y. 11803
Contact Adam: cohen(at)justonewheel(dot)com or (516)702-9807

The Long Island Greenbelt Trails are top rated among mountain bike
riders. There is an enormous amount of different terrain to choose from,
flat packed dirt trails to loose gravel, Embedded rocks, roots, stumps,
drop offs, great hill climbs, down hills and everything in-between.
Any Uni works, the terrain can be enjoyed by any type of Uni. This
statement has been fully tested.

Riding For Beginners to Proís
Fun For Everyone

Our rides keep growing. Frank (Hell On Wheel) came from Virginia last
ride. He also brought his Hell On Wheel tee-shirts to sell to help ease
his commute home.
Riders have come from all over just to ride with very cool people on
very cool trails (CT,VA,NJ,PA,NYC,CA and Long Island).
Look at past threads for pictures, search Long Island Greenbelt Muni

Last ride Dave Jones, The former President of the Long Island Unicycle
Club along with John Foss showed up with a truck full of ancient
unicycles. My favorite was the custom made 12Ē (red, white and blue) uni
made for him by Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory 20+ years ago. I
posted a picture bellow. There weíre a whole bunch more.

Dave Bagley came with his daughter and rode through the trails on his
Ultimate wheel. Thatís a must see! (I posted a picture below).

Shibumi made it and kept his perfect attendance record. Give him a cigar
and he can ride to the moon (backwards).

My wife Renie out did herself again. She had pictures ready at the end
of the ride for everyone to take home as well as video from the ride to
watch while we were all cooling off. Not to mention the spread (bagels,
rolls, spreads, fruit, coffee, tea, juice, soda and more).

So if your looking for a great day just head this way.

Adam Cohen

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