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Default Iban Mayo is LA's only challenger

Norm T wrote:
It is clear now. Iban Mayo is the only threat to LA. After what
happened at L'Alpe d'Huez and the stage yesterday, the contenders and
pretenders have been revealed. Ullrich doesn't look to be able to
keep up with the big boys in the steep climbs and I never considered
Beloki to be a serious threat to LA.

Yah, right, now you tell us.

... Hardly any mountain top finishes, 2 TTT
and 1 ITT instead of just 1 TTT and 2 ITT. This could really hurt
Mayo as his team is nothing compared to Postal.

2 TTTs? That would really suck for the three Fassa guys.
Norm, you are going to have to train harder to top your 2001 Tour when
you attempted to predict the entire Tour from the prologue. But you
will always be a legendary dumbass. RBR 2002 was not the same without
you - where were you anyway, knee injury, suspended for X?

I don't see Mayo
winning unless he takes 2 minute chunks out of LA in the Pyrenees, and
that will be hard to do without mountaintop finishes.

As long as we're candyassing near-obvious statements, here's my
prediction: What has been remarkable about LA is his recovery
abilities, even his bad days have seen only small losses. If his
form improves over the next week and a half, he wins, if it
declines, he loses.

I think he wins, but proves the axiom that it is physiologically
impossible to win six Tours.

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