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Default Lance / Mayo crash chronology, and pedal controversy

From a Tivo frame by frame of OLN's coverage carried by DirecTV:

-28 sec Mayo attacks, Armstrong matches, Ullrich matches, but 'not as
- 15 sec Armstrong counters, Mayo matches, Ullrich still churning about
one second behind

0 sec what appears to be the strap of a musette / feedbag catches
Armstrong's right brake lever, yanking his bars to the right, causing
him to fall immediately. If Armstrong has a front brake / right lever
combo he may have locked up his front wheel. Mayo, right behind
Armstrong, can't avoid the crash and rides up onto Armstrong's rear
wheel. Both Armstrong and Mayo go down hard. Armstrong lands left hip,
left elbow, left upper back and rolls, appearing not to hit his head,
which was off camera for a few frames. Mayo falls on his left side,
clear of the bikes, left hand first, and then left elbow and left hip /
chest / underarm. Mayo's head does not whack ground. Ullrich swerves to
the left, missing Mayo's rear wheel (Mayo's bike is not on top of Mayo)
by what appears to be less that 30 cm.

+5 sec Mayo is on his feet, bike in hand, but has some difficulty
getting started. Armstrong on his feet a seconds or so later and is bent
over pulling on his chain / front derailleur.

+11 sec Mayo looks to be getting started, but coverage cuts to instant

+23 sec live coverage resumes as Armstrong gets a shove off from a man
in a red shirt. Mayo is long gone.

+ 36 sec Catches up to Rubiera and they fly past Mayo (?) a few seconds

+ 48 sec Ullrich shown sitting up, looking over his shoulders, other
riders catching up

+ 65 sec Armstrong slips out of his right pedal while standing. Right
foot popps out at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Frame by frame of
OLN's slo-mo makes it look like a chain slip problem, as his left foot
flys up a frame or so before the right foot pops out. A chain slip is
not too surprising, as Mayo's front wheel rode up onto Armstrong's
drivetrain in the crash. Right foot hits the ground, chest hits stem,
crotch hits top tube, left foot does not pop out, and Armstrong regains
control. Mayo passes and gains a second or so. It takes Armstrong a few
seconds to restart fully pumping.

+ 96 sec Ullrich is clearly not attacking, and there is a group of about
seven riders with him. Basso comes to the front of the group and
Hamilton catches up and admonishes him to slow down. A few seconds

+ 113 sec Armstrong joins the rear of the Ullrich group

+ 120 sec Mayo attacks but is caught by Ullrich and then the rest of the

+ 159 sec Rubiera leads out Armstrong with Ullrich on Armstrong's wheel

+ 205 sec Mayo attacks, Armstrong counters and... well we know the rest.

So 3 minutes and 25 seconds after the crash, Armstrong's attack
slaughters the remaining field. How long is an adrenaline shot good for?

Finally, all this talk about how good / bad the new DA pedals are is at
best irrelevant, and probably wrong- without clips and straps, no pedal
system is perfect when the chain slips while the rider is out of the
saddle and under full power. Armstrong's full power. If anything, the
pedals proved themselves wonderfully, as Armstrong's left foot did not
pop out, and he did not crash.

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