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On 06/06/18 23:32, Theodore Heise wrote:
On Wed, 6 Jun 2018 13:18:53 +0000 (UTC),
Ralph Barone wrote:
Tanguy Ortolo wrote:

For those interested in this, after my last inquiry about
chain lubing, I decided to wax my chain by immersing it in a
hot mixture of solid and liquid paraffin (with a ratio of 50%
of paraffin oil).

After about 600 km, including some significant rain,, must say
it works pretty well. My chain still runs smoothly, and is
almost perfectly clean. When needed, I can simply wipe it with
some paper towel. I do not know yet when I will have to wax it
again, but it seems to hold pretty well.

I waxed my chain this weekend and finally had the opportunity
to take the bike out yesterday. The chain is very quiet and
runs quite smoothly. Shifting wasn't as precise as it was
before, but I'm thinking it should come back to normal once
more of the excess wax flakes off. The only downside was that I
didn't clean the chain scrupulously before waxing it, and once
I started sliding it around in the pot, a black cloud emanated
from the chain and engulfed the bottom of the pot, completely
obscuring the chain. I now have a pot of dark black wax, which
I may just chuck in the garbage. Hopefully the second waxing
will be less expensive.

Oh, let me add that even with 100% parrafin wax, it becomes dark
and opaque after a use or two. I think it may be from dirt or
wear debris from the chain itself.

Yes, and it doesn't seem to be an issue. My pot of wax/oil has been
used dozens of times and the chains don't seem to wear faster now than


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