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On Sat, 28 Mar 2015 20:02:48 -0400, Frank Krygowski

On 3/27/2015 7:11 PM, John B. Slocomb wrote:

On a personal basis I can't see how impeding others is justified as a
matter of habit. It seems like a very selfish act.

Rather like justifying armed robbery, "because the bloke ran out of

Well, my recent run to the hardware store on the bike was likely to
delay some motorist, even though it actually didn't. But the delay, had
it occurred, would have been far less than 30 seconds; it's usually less
than five seconds (the time a motorist typically has to wait to change
lanes and get around me).

In any other context - e.g. pushing a grocery cart down an aisle, taking
a child shopping, stopping to buy something from a sidewalk vendor -
delaying someone else by five seconds doesn't raise an eyebrow; it's
normal human interaction, seldom requiring even "excuse me."

Yes. Most noticeable when the other shopping cart driver demonstrate
that she/he is willing to make way for others. A different attitude is
frequently seen when the shopper drives down the middle of the aisle
blocking all the other traffic.

For some weird reason, it's considered an offense only when the person
delayed is sitting on a super-comfortable seat, in air-conditioned
comfort, while listening to his favorite music. Go figure!

That isn't really true, is it. I can remember years ago when people
driving 1948 Fords used to complain about some farmer and his team
hauling a wagon load of loose hay down the road.

John B.

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