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Default Gluing Tread on a Tubular Casing

On Jan 23, 6:57 pm, Carl Sundquist wrote:
Hi, I am going to attempt to re-tread a tubular tire, anyone got any
ideas about that? What is the best way to remove an old tread and
what kind of glue will stick a new tread (from a clincher) to a
I am hoping to remove a dried, cracked tread from a Challenge
Cyclocross tubular and then glue the tread from a Specialized or Kenda
clincher tire to the casing.
I have heard rumors that A. Dugast performs this service and I have
seen some custom tubulars so I know it is possible.

So check with Dugast. Alternately, you might see if Tire Alert can be of

Thanks for that, I am doubtful as to whether Dugast will share any
secrets of the art with me, perhaps TireAlert will.

I'm not sure if it's still done, but there were mechanics at the six
days that would peel off an old, worn tread and glue on a replacement.

I would think that your big concern is that unlike gluing a new tread on
a tubular casing, a clincher almost invariably has the tire carcass and
tread molded together. Is your clincher carcass separate from the tread?

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