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Default Hit & run cyclist injures elderly woman on pavement

On 13/08/2012 18:20, Squashme wrote:
On Aug 13, 5:08 pm, "John Benn" wrote:

AN 81-YEAR-OLD woman suffered facial injuries when she was knocked to the
ground by a cyclist riding along the pavement like "a bat out of Hell".

The cyclist asked Beryl Hall if she was hurt and tried to help her up, but
then rode away without apologising, she said. An ambulance was called by
passer-by Brian Brown. Mrs Hall said she was also helped by a Tesco delivery
van driver who bandaged her head. She was taken to York Hospital suffering
two black eyes, grazed knees, a sprained wrist and a cut to the head, which
needed to be glued back together.

If only somebody had taken his bicycle away, crushed it, and forced
him to drive a car, the world would have become a much safer place.

Now come along, you've already won prick of the year award, so there's
no need for you to contest the runner-up position as well - despite
being in with a bloody good chance.

OUT OF MY WAY you plebs!

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