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Default Electric Pedicabs to become available to hire in London

On 02/02/2018 19:11, MrCheerful wrote:
On 02/02/2018 17:56, JNugent wrote:
On 02/02/2018 07:59, Bod wrote:

On 02/02/2018 07:51, Bod wrote:

Electric on-demand pedicabs will soon be seen on London’s crowded
roads and cycle routes.

The new fleet of power-assisted bikes will be on the roads this
month, with six starting operation on the South Bank from today.

Passengers can summon one of Veluba’s vehicles using an Uber-style
app, and will pay a £3 booking fee plus £1.25 per mile. The money is
then debited directly from the passenger’s connected account.

Each passenger pod has seatbelts and USB port, plus three CCTV cameras.

"all the riders vetted and made to take a road proficiency test."

"all the riders vetted"

Any idea which vet is doing the work?

It's about time that Parliament amended the London Cab Act(s), the
Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and the Local Government (Miscellaneous
Provisions) Act 1976 (plus the analogous Scottish legislation) so as
to clarify the illegality of unlicensed, untested, unskilled,
non-knowledgeable and unchecked plying for hire, and to provide proper
penalties for it.

The article referred to seems to show a tricycle on the footway.

It seems unlikely that a 250 watt motor will be enough for multiple
passengers. (53 stone is the quoted max. payload inc operator)

There are plenty of unlicensed pedicabs in London depending on the human
power of the non-CDB-checked individuals "driving" them. The electric
motor must assist in their antics.


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