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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

"Blackblade" wrote in message ...

Edward Dolan quoted:

ďAs far as I can tell, the mountain bikers are totally silent on the
subject of these horrific accidents, and what they imply about the
danger of mountain biking. Am I wrong?

Yes, Ed, you're totally wrong. Mountainbikers are completely aware of the risks and post videos and pictures of mishaps. We choose to go out and live our lives and accept those risks.

Young women and kids do not have a clue about how dangerous mountain biking on a hiking trail is. In fact, most testosterone powered guys also do not have a clue. They only become enlightened when they suffer a mishap, something that is extremely likely to happen sooner or later.

Here's a compilation of the many that have been posted on Pinkbike ....

I never bother with mountain biker propaganda. It is always about just one thing ... how much fun it is to get a thrill by risking life and limb. **** the whole lot of them. They are all idiots!

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. Whatís the matter? Canít walk?

Ed Dolan the Great
Saint Edward the Great


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