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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

But hey, why not send them a few of my posts since of course
that Ďforumí would never accept a message from such a Great Soul as Myself. You
will find out they will not accept a post from you either if you depart from the
orthodoxy. Talk about echoes in a chamber, that group is it for sure! If you
identify with any of those poor misguided slobs, you are lost and gone to

Could that be because you are a monomaniacal, logically challenged individual with massive delusions of grandeur who frequently spouts unsupported nonsense and won't retract even when blatantly caught out ?


Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.


Trails are for walking. Whatís the matter? Canít


Ed Dolan the Great


Saint Edward the Great


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