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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

"Blackblade" wrote in message ...

Yes, Ed, you're totally wrong. Mountainbikers are completely

aware of the risks and post videos and pictures of mishaps. We choose to
go out and live our lives and accept those risks.

Edward Dolan wrote:

Young women and kids do not have a clue about how dangerous
mountain biking on a hiking trail is. In fact, most testosterone powered guys
also do not have a clue. They only become enlightened when they suffer a mishap,
something that is extremely likely to happen sooner or later.

Ah, more of that famous Dolan logic; make an assertion then, when it's disproven by actual facts, move the goalposts. You stated that mountainbikers were unaware and never talked about it ... I showed you that we actually post videos about it. So, your point is comprehensively refuted. QED.

We all know what kind of mountain bikers take risks with life and limb. They are invariably young and male ... and then like to gloat about how seriously they were injured. The only cure for what ails them is death – and the sooner the better. Most mountain bikers are not aware of how dangerous their ‘sport’ is nor is the community at large, other than doctors and the ER personnel.

As for your sexist and stupid assertion that, magically, mountainbikers don't include women well ... can I suggest you join the 21st century. If it's up on the net then it's equally accessible to all.

You poor stupid sap! It is actually criminal to encourage women and kids to mountain bike on a hiking trail. Women and kids do not have a clue about how dangerous mountain biking on a hiking trail is. It is why they injure themselves just trying to ride such a trail normally without attempting feats of daredevilry like the young males. What planet are you from anyway?

Feast your mind on this bit of humor from the mountain biking ‘community’ which well illustrates the general level of dumbness of mountain bikers.

Dublin medics treat rare condition that led to 7 week erection

13 January 2014

Medics at a Dublin hospital have successfully treated a 22-year-old
mountain biker for an unwanted seven-week erection.

The rare condition, known in medical terms as Priapism, began when
the young man injured himself on the crossbar of his mountain bike.

The injury resulted in a high flow of blood to his penis which would
not reside.

The man did not go to Tallaght hospital until five weeks after
sustaining the rare injury and initial treatment by medics failed.

A pressure dressing was attempted for two weeks but the erection
returned immediately after the treatment.

Further treatment where radiography was used on the penis was successful.

The case, which is outlined in the current issue of the Irish Medical
Journal, reported that the man did not suffer any further priapism
following the treatment and also reported 'satisfactory erection and

The report adds that, as the erection is painless, patients usually
present themselves late.”

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

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