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Mike Vandeman
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Default Typical Dishonest Mountain Biker Tries to Justify Their Selfish, Destructive Sport

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:04:10 -0500, bkr wrote:

..Mike Vandeman wrote:
.. That should be obvious to any moron.
..Well it isn't obvious to this moron. Could you be more specific? And really hurts my feelings that you call me names. It's not my fault
..I'm challenged.
.. Learn to READ: "riding a bike off of paved roads is no fun at all!"
..That is one opinion. I have a different one.
.. .It appears by your own comments
.. .(as I said, it is difficult to tell if it was you riding the bike or
.. .somebody else), that you are a wuss because you can not tolerate precisely
.. .the part of the sport that most people are attracted to the sport for.
.. The pain? BS.
..Sometimes the pain. No BS. Sometimes, it's just the trhill of speed
..and control. You may not believe a mountain biker has control, but I
..guarantee I have more control of my bike than you could imagine.

You missed my point completely, PROVING you are a moron. Controlling your bike
precludes your paying atention to anything else.

..might not look like it, but I do, not all the time mind you, but most of
..the time. Sometimes I ride for the precise reason you do on pavement,
..just to enjoy being out and the views. If you think you can't see the
..views and ride at the same time, I invite you to join me for a ride

I don't care to see blood.

.. .It is in these remote locations
.. .that they get the full enjoyment of the trip.
.. So they miss 99% of it, JUST AS I SAID.
..Again, this is your opinion. Maybe for the rider, that is 100% of what
..they are interested in getting out of the ride.

Right, which is 1% of what hikers get out of it.

Their sole purpose for
..using a mountain bike to get there may, in fact, be simply to enjoy 100%
..of what they came to enjoy, that much faster?
.. While the actual riding part
.. .is being undertaken, they simply enjoy the fresh air and the view of the
.. .distant hills, forests, and mesas.
.. BS. You can't enjoy "distant views" without crashing.
..See above comments, but I will respectfully disagree with you here.
..Perhaps YOU can't enjoy distant views while riding, but I assure you,
..that others can.

I guess that's what that poor kid in Malasia was doing, when he crashed & killed

.. . Hikers
.. .themselves have different levels of awareness among themselves, and it is
.. .entirely likely that a hiker can have less awareness of his surroundings
.. .than a bike rider.
.. BS. Impossible, for the reasons I stated.
..So it is your assertion that all hikers have the same level of awareness
..while hiking? So how did the lady die from the tree falling on her? Or
..for that matter, how do you explain some people going out for a hike and
..coming home injured while others don't? As for bikers having more
..awareness, I would think in most instances you are correct, but I've
..ridden by people who were hiking or fishing and just enjoying their
..surroundings who never even knew there were deer right behind them.
..Doesn't seem too aware to me, but I saw the deer, off trail, watching.
..Who was more aware in that situation?

You can watch for deer, if you don't look out for obstacles! Good luck!


I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)

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