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Default A Philly bike for Boris

Roger Merriman wrote:
jbeattie wrote:
On Friday, June 11, 2021 at 7:42:53 AM UTC-7, Bertrand wrote:

Or if that long URL doesn't work:

Another, with a little more about Bilenky.

If the State Department only paid a measly $1,500 for a $6,000 bike, how
much will be taxed?

At least the Johnsons are cheap: According to the Mail on Sunday, for
Christmas 2019, Ms Carrie Symonds gave Boris a second-hand Yamaha TTR 125,
worth about 1,000. OTOH, hottie Carrie riding a gift "Rob English" touring
bike would be total blast.

That Eagle set-up will help Boris with the massive hills in London.
Columbus tubes. I would have looked for some NOS True Temper for the whole USA thing.

In fairness there are some steep bits though admittedly short, and on the
edge of london mostly.

Sadly I suspect it will end up in storage rather than ridden. He does still
ride though not on the streets anymore.

Face it, that bike is some ugly American mess. No fenders because Climate
Change and the abolitionist's portrait will turn London arid? Are there no
U.S. pedals for dress shoes? And don't get me started on the squeezed
random Bilenky font. At least he didn't call up Goodyear to hectically
supply specially labeled tyres, instead choosing $10 Asia-made Schwalbe
Luganos to rot in storage.

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