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plampione wrote:
Mian wrote:

1. you can jetwash your bike, just keep the jet away from the bottom
bracket/ fork seals/ suspension pivots etc.

I am not sure I paid attention to keeping the jet away, but also I
insist on any particular area, so I guess I should be fine...

2. the squealing could be caused by water trapped between the pad and



You are right. After drying overnight, the squealing is completely
I will have to be more careful when washing the brakes (I still need to

clean them periodically: I bike in a place where the ground is a
kind of granitic mud/grit that gouges the discs when it gets inside
the brakes).



Word of warning: Don't obsess about cleaning your bike. IMHO, a
hairdryer and toothbrushes, while no doubt very effective once in a
while, are verging on the obsessive :-)

Make sure you spend more time riding than maintaining it. With luck,
you'll wear everything out before the water has time to damage it.

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