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Default Mountain Biker Openly Admits Deliberately Speeding

Raptor wrote:
Mike Vandeman wrote:

From: "john hurwitz"
Subject: radar
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 22:00:32 -0800
If I get a ticket I try and think of it as the cost of my hobby of
biking. I don't know how I can do things differently. Sometimes you
can't keep

I keep trying to get a speeding ticket on my bike, but haven't managed
it yet. The cops are either absent or too busy to care. If a cop does
ever pull me over, I'm going to try to talk him UP, then frame the sucker.

It's pretty hard to nail a bike for speeding, it's not big enough for
the radar gun to get a bead on it. Beading the rider is hard, because
there is no hard surface for the beam to bounce off of. If it does
bounce, the beam gets defused everywhere. They need to clock you
differently, and then there are legal issues. Say your passing a car,
that the officer clocks at 125km/h how fast are you going? Can he prove
that your going the stated speed......

It also depends on the speed limit, if the speed limit is 110km/h
(68MPH) then that's harder to exceed then a school zone speed limit of
40km/h (25MPH), especially on a heavy mountain bike with knobby tires.
Exceeding the 110km/h speed limit would be easier on a light weight road
bike or a racing bike, but what's the point, just to see how fast you
can burn out?



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