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Default Rohloff Speedbone with Chainstay Mounts

On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 9:06:25 AM UTC+1, Tosspot wrote:
So, the Surly Disc Trucker has chainstay IS mounts[1]. I have;

I'm thinking this is beyond even my Bodgit & Scarper(TM) skills. Is the
only option a long torque arm on a standard plate?

Not necessarily. If the slot on the frame end is long enough and strong enough, the smallest Rohloff torque resistor will slot into it and that will be everything you need. Note that a Rohloff chain is run much slacker than on even a slack derailleur system -- it isn't just an option, it is a requirement, in this in conjunction with an EBB, as I've already suggested, can give you a copacetically clean installation.

Also, I seem to recall there's a Rohloff torque resistor that fits the Surly Karate Monkey disc brake mountings, which look to me very much like the ones on the Trucker. So you in fact have plenty of options before you start bodging.

My bodger is a WW 1 Army folding knife, a huge chunk of solid steel, with a bayonet that lines up the most stubborn holes by speaking sternly to them. But, clearly, I take it out only when I'm seriously stuck. One look at my bodger, and I'll no longer be on first name terms with Herr Rohloff. It's a class of German engineering that it could be seriously expensive to mess with.

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