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Who is this quack, Mike Vandeman?

That's pretty much the long and the short of it. Michael J. Vandeman is

quack. A fruit loop, if you will.

MIke vandeman is pretty hilwaqriou sif you ask me. Althoguh ehs has some
good point,s he dosna't really convince me that I shouldn't be riding my
moutain bike.

What I Afind thte most entertinintg isw his logic at times. Take a look

it sometimes. It has some ciruclar lgici thqait's just increibly
insightful, yet ocmpletely bogus.

Hey mIke,y, would it bert bettrer if I strarted riding myh omountain bikee
in urban settingsw? i I'ms reu Im' ntoh]urting the vironment if I'm

on pavemnt al thet itme,.

It6'si leepy time now. I'm knda drunk so hence the bad spelling. I'm

you'll fidn my message engaging aind iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinfornmativel.
Phil, Squid-in-Training

You appear to be heading for an impressive hangover, my friend.

To the OP, despite having seen the debates go around in circles time and
time again I had a go at him about a year ago. Due in no small part to
boredom and a morbid curiousity I suppose.
It went around in circles and it ended with me not being able to get any
response except "DUH!". Not bad from a guy that apparently has a PhD and
credits mountainbikers with no intelligence. I came to my own conclusion
that Mike really is a dork.
It was fun for a while in a frustrating, beating your head against a brick
wall kinda way....
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