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To the OP, despite having seen the debates go around in circles time and
time again I had a go at him about a year ago. Due in no small part to
boredom and a morbid curiousity I suppose.
It went around in circles and it ended with me not being able to get any
response except "DUH!". Not bad from a guy that apparently has a PhD and
credits mountainbikers with no intelligence. I came to my own conclusion
that Mike really is a dork.
It was fun for a while in a frustrating, beating your head against a brick
wall kinda way....

It is futile to argue with a fool ... however, it does help other people to
see what kind of person he is. Also, he seems to be genuinely off his
rocker, and he does say some disturbing things. I'm not accusing Mr.
Vandeman of actually committing acts of violence, but there is always that
danger. If anything, arguing with him will keep him on the computer instead
of ... well ... other things. Idle hands are the Devils tools as they say.



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