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Default RSVP 2006 Trip Report

"Chuck Anderson" wrote in message
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After crossing I-5 (from SeaTac), climbing a very steep hill and noodling
around somewhere south and west of SeaTac, I was scratching my head,
looking at a map when a large pack/pace line stopped at a convenience
store across the street, so I asked for help. One member (I believe they
were with the Cascade Bicycling Club) told me to follow him to Renton and
then he showed me how to get on the path on the *west* side of Lake

In general, it is difficult to get oneself on the Lake Washington Loop route
(which is what you eventually got on) from any of the other major bike
routes in the south end of the county. There's been lots of requests for
wayfinding and signage. I've been that way a couple dozen times, and I have
to do it blindly/by the seat of the shorts pretty much every time. About
half the time I'll suddenly find myself on a major arterial in a huge amount
of fast moving motor vehicle traffic, thinking "help!"

A little north of there I got on a road that paralleled I-90 (on the south
side) to Issaquah.

Probably Lake Sammamish Parkway. There's another very nice cycling road that
parallels on the north, too.

At that time ('94), the Iron Horse Trail did not go through (or so I was
told, anyway), so the next day I cycled right on up I-90 to Denny Creek,
where I finally got off the Interstate.

You could now have left the interstate at North Bend. The Iron Horse is
hard-packed gravel, OK for a wider touring tire.

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