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Default Booblepus (Mitchy Sprinsky) hits Apex!

On Aug 23, 4:04*pm, LIBERATOR wrote:
On Aug 23, 2:01*pm, LIBERATOR wrote:

He is purposely not filming the tough stuff and he deviated onto an
easier section. This guy has 5 bikes that all cost at minimal $4K

I give the Booblepus credit he has progressed to showing up at Apex
and riding over two moderate tough sections, but he is going slow and
not hitting Apex at the speed that makes it tough and he clearly did
not film because he did not ride the tough sections.

Then, Mathew Winters being Dakota Ridge, he did not ride any of Dakota
Ridge, Mathew Winters is easy compared to Dakota Ridge, so again Ride-
A-Lot is trying to pass himself off as an advanced rider.

He is an FBI agent by the doing of Virginia Newbon who uses him.

I'm sorry I was in a rush, Dakota Ridge is across the street from
Mathew Winters, they are one trail separated by the street. That
Mitchel would try to convey that he's elite that he showed up at
Mathew Winters but did not ride Dakota Ridge shows fear is his truth,
not skill. Add the vindictiveness of the bait & switch, it's the same
ol Ride-A-Lot, wanting to be bad ass but can't be...- Hide quoted text -

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You will pay dearly for trying to interfere with our new puppet-agent

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