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Default western Provence in France

Steve wrote
it doesn't look like we overlapped much.

Good -- then I'll learn more from your upcoming(?) stories and photos.

I've would liked to hit the Mediterranean coast as you did.

Actually the Cassis to Ciotat road is kinda short. Further east there's a
longer loop I'd gladly ride again with the Esterel mountains and Esterel sea
corniche road (and even further are the famous Nice corniche roads). Closer
to Aix and Marseille: between Ciotat and the Esterel is another potential
mountain - and -sea loop which we didn't get the chance to ride: the massif
des Maurea and the Corniche des Maures, between le Lavandou and St Tropez,
and inland near Grimaud and Col de Babaou. If anyone's got some tips on
that, I'd be grateful.

Gorges de l'Ardeche

We only rode the eastern section of the D290 from St Martin up to the D490,
and felt it was about the most boring riding we'd done together in Europe.
There's a few places where you can stop and get off and go look for the view
down into the canyon, but the road itself is not what I would call a
"corniche". Maybe the road gets spectacular further west of the D490 with
some views of the Pont d'Arc. A few days later we went to Grand Canyon du
Verdon and I kept saying, "Now this is a real corniche road". I have a
feeling that the Gorge de l'Ardeche is more justly famous as a raft trip.
(and actually the G.C. Verdon is even more spectacular hiking down inside).



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