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Default western Provence in France

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Edward Dolan wrote
I myself would never stoop to converse with any of the French

Seems like whenever we meet a local French resident, we tell them early
the conversation that we're from America, and they're very nice to us.
of them give us food or invite us to a meal. Lots of them want to tell us
about how they or a close relative have visited America -- or even lived
America for a while.

Sure, they are nice to your face, but they will stab you in the back when
you least expect it. The French are swine, always have been and always
will be. That is why I recommend that Tom Sherman of ARBR join them at his
earliest convenience. He will feel right at home there in the pig trough.

I do not think the average American will ever want to do what they are

For sure. But actually Sharon and I have done more of our riding in the
United States -- and more of our writing about it like on -- and I don't think the average American
wants to do what we're doing in America either.

Do they not have buses and trains to take you where you want to go?

Probably, but we are authentic representatives of American culture. When
want to get somewhere in Europe normally we drive a car. We ride our
bicycle just to have fun -- making a loop back to where we started: not
getting anywhere.

It is a waste of time and energy to ride your bike for fun while in a
foreign land. That is something you can do here. Also, trust me on this,
your wife is only doing the cycling thing to please you. She would much
rather tour France in a civilized manner. Why don't you be less selfish
and try to please her for a change.

Every square inch of Europe is so crowed with things to see that I cannot
believe any Americans would waste their time cycling there. You are surely
jaded or perhaps just incurious about the wealth of what there is to see
in Europe. Play at home; tour abroad. They are not one and the same thing.

When I last toured Europe for a period of many months, I did not bother to
converse with any Europeans whatsoever. Hells Bells, they are even
stupider than Americans. Nay, I concentrated solely on the history and the
ruins. Europe is just chock full of ruins. It is the only reason to go
there in my not so humble opinion.

From my perspective, Rome is perfect as it has the most ruins. The main
thing however is never to speak to a living European while you are there.
If you do that, you will come back hating the place. My brother, who only
mildly disliked the French, spent a week in Paris and actually wanted to
get friendly with them. He came back hating all the French with a passion.
However, he still likes French painting. The moral of this story is never
confuse culture with the people who produce it.


O.K. i agree, we have nothing to do with stupid jingos, self conceited,
aggressive and fat assed people like you

Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota


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