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Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
Dear cyclists,

After years using wet lubes in all conditions (currently, a specific
chain oil with PTFE from 3in1,
and being used to seing my chain getting very dirty, I have just learnt
that I may avoid this by using dry lube instead.

Actually, I have heard of one specific product, the Squirt dry lube It is about twice more
expensive than the lubricant I am currently using, but it is supposed to
reduce cleaning work, and if it does make the chain cleaner, it may as
well reduce its wear and extend its life.

So, have any of you tried that lubricant, or any other dry one? Would
you recommend it rather than wet lubes? My most important usage is a
daily commuting through suburb streets and forest paths (in all weather
conditions, therfore quite muddy when it rains, but now that summer is
coming, it is going to be rather dry).

Depends on use case, for the commute bike, dry lube which resists gumming
up, which if your doing 400+ commuting miles per month is handy, for the
MTB/Gravel bike much more likely to use a wet lube as it’s much more likely
to be bog snorkelling in them! And I clean them after every ride or close

Roger Merriman


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