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Default Can I safely drill through Chromoplastic?

Yonatan Mazuz wrote:
I got some lovely SKS fenders for my tour/commute rig recently and
discovered a compatibility problem with my frame. Since it's set up
for cantilever brakes, the seatstay bridge is not an actual brake
bridge: its hole, instead of being roughly horizontally oriented,
faces the dropouts and is threaded for a 5mm bolt, to allow fenders
to attach directly to it.

Problem is, the fenders don't have a hole in this region, instead
coming with an angled bracket that's supposed to attach to the brake
hole. For right now, I have this bracket bent around the bridge, but
since the bracket's not very long, it sometimes pops off, giving the
fender room to wiggle and occasionally lean on the tire.

Hence, the question in the subject line. I believe the "Chromoplastic
is simply metal with a plastic laminate on each side. So is the
laminate prone to some sort of horrible cracking/shattering requiring
some ultra-specific drilling technique, or can I just have a go at it?

Yoni Mazuz
(there isn't actually poop in my e-mail address)

I just shoved a screwdriver thru and waggled it about untill the hole was

Hasn't messed up yet after a couple of winters.

Andy Morris


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