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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

"John B." wrote in message

When the hell are you ever going to learn how to edit a post?

It is apparent that the modern "Trekker" is a soft effete individual

with tender hands who drives to the forest, dons over a thousand
dollars of clothing and "treks" through the forest for, perhaps, 4
hours and then drives home imagining that he is a real men. And being
exhausted, goes to bed early.

Edward Dolan wrote:

I think you have just described yourself above. I hiked for a solid 10
all over the country when I was in the decade of my 30s, and I did it on a
shoe string. I never imagined I was a real man, but I did imagine that I
gaining an experience of a human being connecting with the natural world
with Mother Earth. In all that time, I NEVER encountered a single mountain
bike on any trail. I took all of that for granted, never realizing just how
rare an experience I had. Too bad idiots like you will never know what you
have missed.

Oh, you hiked for a decade? 10 years? Of hiking? No working? You must

have had very indulgent parents to support you for all those years.

I was smart, something that I am sure no one has ever accused you of being.

And you "gaining an experience of a human being connecting with the

natural world and with Mother Earth".

What utter nonsense. Can you explain just what this "being connected

with the natural world" means? You lived under a tree and raised your
own food? Or maybe you cut down the primeval trees and built your own

What are you - a survivalist? Jesus Christ Almighty - you are even dumber
than I thought possible. At least now I know who they make those dumb TV
programs for - like "naked and afraid".

A walk in a natural landscape is almost a religious experience, provided you
believe in that sort of thing. But to me, it is an experience of being
connected to the universe, one devoid of God. Even so, it is highly
spiritual. I pity poor slobs like you who do not have a clue about any of
this. But I want you and your god damn ****ing bikes to stay off of single
track trails. You are desecrating my cathedrals. **** you and all you stand

The following total idiocy deleted for the usual reasons.

Ed, even today there are a very large areas all over the world where

there actually is untouched wilderness. If this communing is such an
important thing why aren't you somewhere in Northern Canada, Alaska,
Borneo, maybe New Guinea, Mongolia, Tibet, to name a few. if you were
really "connecting with the natural world" wouldn't an actual
uninhabited wilderness provide a much more satisfying experience.

No one needs "untouched wilderness". A relatively untouched wilderness is
all that any sane person ever needs to get a sense of our roots as a species
and of our place in the grand scheme of things. Or do you think we and the
universe sprang from the Head of God? There is nothing so refreshing as a
simple walk in the woods, or in the desert, or in any relatively untouched
landscape. Too bad you are too stupid to know any of this. Maybe try
rereading Thoreau to get a clue.

But you don't care for that do you. You don't actually want to go out

into the in primitive areas. Why they don't have air conditioning.

What you actually want some sort of pseudo primitive with little

cabins to sleep in, flush toilets and running water. Then you can
enjoy communing with nature... oh, don't forget the mosquito spray.

You appear to be either a complete phony or the sort of person who has

a pet rock.

You have just described yourself in the above 3 paragraphs. The world of
hikers is closed to you just as it is to all those who mountain bike on
single track trails.

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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