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Default Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Biking (Modified and Expanded)

God I can't believe I'm even going to allow myself to get sucked int
this ridiculous situation. I'm not going to entertain you wit
responses to even half of your absolutely ludicrous claims. But this i
what I will say. You want to know something Vandeman? Read my lips, we-don't-all-want-to-be
Hikers. You said that people who's high point is riding theire bik
must be leading to a pretty dull life; I think your life must be prett
dull if all you can do is sit around and make up these stupi
assertions about a group of people who love to be in the forest as muc
as you do and have every right to bring their bike w/ them as much a
you have take your boots, and a horseback rider to take is horse (tha
I might add weighs ten times that of bike and rider). And on a persona
experience note, I've seen some trails pretty ravaged from Horse hoove
that have done severe damage, but I don't hear you complaining abou
them, and neither am I. They have a right to be there as much as you
and I do. Oh, and on the issue of Mt. Biking teaching children ba
wilderness etiquette....I'll have you know that my parents (both bein
Mt. Bikers) and everyone I have ever riden with in has always stresse
the values of treading lightly to preserve our trails and forest. Thus
I have stressed it as well. I think you're making hasty generalization
about Mt. Bikers as a whole, based on the standards of a few negativ
representations of etiquette lacking riders. There are bad eggs i
every group, be it cycling, hiking, or equestrian. That's about all I'
going to say to you and your Hateful Old Hiker Assocation. At length,
could right several pages to answer all of your aforemetione
assertions, but I'm not going to waste my time arguing with someone wh
is as stubborn as you and has no wish to see otherwise, then that o
his own view. Nor am I going to try and tell you hikers have any mor
or less right to be there. As I said, everybody has a fair right an
privalege to our beautiful forests. If you ask me, cyclists, hikers an
equestrians alike should be pooling their time, energy, and intelec
together as wilderness lovers alike to solve more pressing issue
destroying the forest, and work out our differences for the better o
all. I mean c'mon, most of us are all there for our common love of th
great outdoors



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