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Default WHOOPS! ANOTHER Mountain Biker Dies!

Evolution in action!


State police report fatality in weekend mountain bike race

By Staff reports
The Evening Tribune
Posted Apr 23, 2012 @ 02:33 PM

Bath-based state police reported today that a Rochester man died in a
mountain bike race Sunday. Police aren't sure of the cause of death,
but said nothing criminal is suspected.

The victim, Eric O'Brein, 46, was participating in a mountain bike
race in the Prattsburgh-Wheeler area in Steuben County when he fell
over on Canen Hill Road.

People attending the race discovered the man wasn't breathing and
started administering CPR and called 911, according to state police.

The man was transported to Ira Davenport Hospital in Bath, where he
was pronounced.

State police said O'Brein's family has been notified.

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