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Default Impediments: boardwalk???

"Joy Beeson" wrote in message

I searched on "Lake City Greenway" in the futile hope of finding an

official Web site with recent information on it. One of the pages I
found was on IndianaTrails.Com. The page had, below an out-of-date
map, a list of the trail's properties.

Right after "Advantages: Wetland, 2 historic bridges, canoeing,

picnic shelter, iron bridges" we find "Impediments: some boardwalk
over wetlands"

In what sense is a boardwalk an impediment? The boardwalk is easily

navigated on foot or wheelchair or bicycle or crutches or cane; even
though skate boards are forbidden on the boardwalk, they took care to
jam the boards close together so the cracks wouldn't catch their
wheels. So tightly, in fact, that the plants under the boardwalk died
and snow refuses to melt.

It can't be because you have to walk it in the winter; after all, it's

well known that nobody ever rides a bike between November and May.

I do not see how anyone can object to boardwalks and bike paths being used
by both cyclists and walkers. The only downside is that if they get too
crowded, a cyclist will have to slow down and give way to walkers. Mountain
bikers never give way to anyone. I would prohibit mountain bikers from ever
being in the same universe with civilized folks. They are savages and
barbarians and deserving only of being consigned to Hell!

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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