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Default Final Word on Mike Vandeman and mountain biking from Ed Dolan

Time for me to move on. RBS was basically ruined by Mike Vandeman and also
by me due to our constant harping on a single topic, mountain biking on
single track trails. I am done discussing that topic. I am also done with
defending Mike Vandeman since I discovered that he is a brain dead liberal
know-nothing. If he can be that dumb on his politics, then he can’t be all
that smart on anything else. I will not bother to either support or oppose
him on his special topic, but he can damn well go to Hell along with all the
other brain dead liberal know-nothings. And that is what I will tell him if
he shows up on this newsgroup ever again.

RBS is now open to other discussions. If some of you want to go on and on
about mountain biking, I will let it pass. Truth to tell, the world is going
to Hell and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it, least of all an
idiot like Mike Vandeman. The one thing he is for sure is a crank and a
crackpot. I have always known that from the beginning, but I cut him lots of
slack on that because of the nature of the special topic. But cranks and
crackpots do not live in the real world. They live in their own cockeyed
world and it is a waste of time to try to discuss anything with such types.

It is my hope that we can open this newsgroup to discussion for the purposes
for which the group was established, bicycles and recreation. Surely that is
a broad enough topic to engender lots of interest from a variety of folks
who like to bicycle. In short, let’s start over without any more drivel
about mountain biking and hiking trails.

Ed Dolan – Minnesota


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