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Default Need advice on bottom bracket repair

On Mon, 9 Jan 2017 08:06:28 -0800 (PST), DATAKOLL MARINE RESEARCH

divinity deleted willya get a propane torch or heat gun .....

Keep thy flames away from my paint job.

we went thru this a few months back.

My short term memory is even shorter. What were we discussing?

the white ionic exchange compound does not dissolve in
organic solvents caws the white isnot organic ! eyeyhahhhahahhah ....

Huh? Never mind.

I dunno what yawl doing dumping acetone into petroleum
products ....cretins.

It's called thinning.

acetone is here to emulsify petroleum products.

My favorite emulsion is salad dressing.

Lieb...what's the home brew biggie ? chlorine and ?
you pour it into the john n the bowl explodes .....

Toilet bowl cleaner and anything with chlorine in it, such as chlorine
bleach (Clorox). It doesn't explode. Instead, you recreate WWI in
your bathroom and die from chlorine gas inhalation. There are other
ways to screw up with household chemicals:
"16 Common Product Combinations You Should Never Mix"

That which doesn't kill you, will probably make you rather sick.

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