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Default Seeking Input on Effort to Improve Bicycling Opportunities InDowneast Maine

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 5:44:38 PM UTC-8, wrote:
I'm a cycling member of a committee in Downeast Maine seeking to develop maps and tools that can further bicycling opportunities in Washington County, Maine.

The overarching goal is to develop scenic routes linking regions around the Schoodic Peninsula, Jonesport, Milbridge, Machias, Eastport, Lubec, and Calais. The routes will be on the road and much of it close by to the Sunrise Trail, a multiuse gravel surface rail trail 100 miles in length. Cyclists in Washington County experience scenic beauty, rich natural habitats and unique qualities that make the area compelling for many.

Randonneurs have weighed in and offered important input. Now we are broadening our reach and seek input from leisure riders, touring cyclists, and other user groups who might be interested in bicycling in the region.

The map committee seeks to address your needs as we wish to attract riders who match up well with what the area has to offer. Any ideas, guidance, and suggestions are welcomed, greatly appreciated and will be considered.

What do you, as a potential visitor seek, and what qualities do you think make for an outstanding cycling experience? Are you already familiar with "downeast Maine" and can you comment on your cycling experiences there? Any thoughts about maps- do you prefer paper or digital formats both of which could be accessed through the internet?

Beyond helping this project, what gets discussed here may help other efforts forward cycling activities in other locales. We understand that a neighboring county is undertaking a similar project to promote opportunities for bicycling, and we'd be happy to share what we learn from you with them.


Gary Jacobson
Rosendale, NY and Roque Bluffs, ME

The problems come from Google Maps. If you have roads getting busy you will have Google Maps routing cars and trucks off of highways and onto byways where bicycle normally travel. And of course drivers still want to drive at highway speeds and all of the smaller side roads start becoming dangerous during commute times.

One would think that dangerous driving would be a target for police what with the numbers of highway casualties. But that certainly isn't the case anywhere I've been except Sun City in Phoenix. Locally we have many side roads to freeways on which the traffic will pull onto and drive at preposterously dangerous speeds. Because people aren't killed every day the lawmakers do nothing. But they keep increasing taxes to "fix the roads" and then using the money for other things. If you were to heavily enforce safe and sane speed limits and dangerous driving habits such as running red lights and stop signs you could not only obtain additional funds but increase traffic safety at the same time. Why do you suppose this never occurs to law makers?

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