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Default Coast-coast ride building momentum- THANK YOU!

Firstly, thank you for the response to my posting- well chuffed!

To take all your comments-
- Cakes; I am writing to Mr Kipling's tonight to see what I can arrange!
- Weather; Sorry, lost God's email address- can you forward it to me?
- Mileage; fair cop; it is often the simplest things that get over looked.
Now corrected- thank you.
- Your/you're; unfortunately, it is me the simple thing in this case- being

So big thank you for your feedback. I am changing the site as we go along,
so please keep checking in.

Hey! Love to see you on the day.....


"Dave Kahn" wrote in message
"Simon" wrote in message

The coast-coast ride ( this May is really
building momentum, and the number of people showing interest is really

Thing is, I am still looking for ideas to make the day amazing, as

to just brilliant- you know, those things that will really make a
difference- the small things!

As a group of cyclists, what are your thoughts?

Have a word with Michael Fish. You want good weather with a following




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