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Default Mountain Biking Video -- See What Mountain Biking Is Really Like!

Mike Vandeman wrote:
Check out especially the ambulance scene!


Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 09:46:41 -0800
Subject: Check out this trash!

Our national television station, Global TV, has put this mountain bike "white
trash" show on it's stations across Canada.
It seems you can download the episodes. I watched about five minutes one
Saturday, and it was just the usual riding crap you see on those videos complete
with immature grown-up "boys" hamming it up for the camera. The filming is even
amateurish. Thank goodness it is not on at prime time. Out here, in BC, this
show is on at 1:30 pm on Saturday (if it keeps them out of our forests for at
least one half hour.... :-).
Is there anything like this in the US, or California? The media really has a
lot to answer for with this one. Keep this link for your files!
It covers all styles and places mountain bikers ride, from sides of buildings,
on streets, to the trashing of our wild places. It can be used as a strong case
against mountain biking. I heard this crew is filming in New Zealand for the
next season. Take care

Thanks for the link, great site ;-)


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