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Default New Bike, Reputable LBS, So what is the Problem?

Glm wrote:

I have a 3-week old bike, a Roubaix Elite 27, that I purchased from
what is supposedly a reputable dealer in Manhattan.

I've tried pretty hard to support the LBS, buying quite a few
accessories there, not moaning that they forget my club dicount, etc.
It's expensive, but convenient and, well, these shops have to make ends
meet, so why not?! One tries to establish some goodwill.

A couple of days ago, the left crank started to 'jolt' whenever it
passed the eleven o'clock position. Not on every turn, but let's say,
six times out of ten and right across the cassette and chain-rings
(i.e., not specific to any gear).

I waited until I thought the LBS would not be busy then took the bike
in for inspection. It was quite clear that no one wanted to look at
it. Eventually managed to get a mechanic to spin the rear wheel and
fiddle with the derailleur adjustment. I explained that I failed to
see how that would stop the left-hand crank from jolting (it happened
at the same crank position, regardless of gear or chain position,
etc.). No joy: they clearly weren't interested in helping further.
Said I could leave the bike there for ten days so that they could do a
'full check-up'.

And I certainly wasn't asking them to tighten cables and polish the
seat for me. My only concern was this crank/bracket anomaly.

So, at the same time I'm paying over the odds for lubricants, cleaners
and a cadence monitor for my Polar device (another $70). Still, no
interest in looking at the bike.

I assume it's the LBS's responsibility to sort this out, but I am
reluctant to press the issue as the last thing I want is a p*ssed-off
mechanic playing around hastily with the bottom bracket on a bike
rhar's cost me well in excess of $2,500 (including bits and pieces,
tax, etc.).

I'd be happy to go and pay a few dollars for another shop to sort this
out, but, frankly, I have no idea which places are good. And I cannot
guarantee I'll get any better service!?

So, my question is: will my LBS refuse to touch the bike if I have
another shop look at this particular problem? And, if not, does anyone
know a decent LBS in Manhattan who could sort this out in a few hours.

Any thoughts on how to handle what I assume is a common challenge for
people who buy new bikes would be appreciated. Thank you.


Go to another LBS and pay for a second opinion. Then either
go to the seller and demand for it to be repaired or just
let the second guy do it and the hell with it. At least 1.
you'll know whether its a real problem and 2. get it fixed.

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