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On Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 9:53:52 PM UTC-8, Tºm Shermªn™ °_° wrote:
On 11/30/2010 11:29 PM, Dirt[bag]Roadie wrote:
On Nov 30, 9:01 pm, Tºm Shermªn™ °_°""twshermanREMOVE\"@THI
$" wrote:
On 11/30/2010 8:40 AM, SMS aka Steven M. Scharf wrote:

On 11/30/2010 6:02 AM, DirtRoadie wrote:
On Nov 30, 6:13 am, T m Sherm n _ _ _

It's a wonder my pal Frank Krygowski uses his realname on his
when he falsifies quotes.

But you stand by his every word. Birds of a feather.

At least Frank doesn't wake up every morning and forge a new e-mail
address in order to get around everyone's filters.

Adding extraneous characters is not forging an email address.

OK, call it "hiding." Still blatantly dishonest though probably not
illegal. Could be though, coupled with the abusive stalking behavior.
Especially when the stalking contains no discussion whatsoever. But
you are undoubtedly a legal expert and will have no difficulty
handling the matter.

This from someone who threatened to call up another person's co-workers.

As for legal issues, falsifying quotes could be considered libel, no?

Let's remember that Jobst Brandt posted not only what he thought to be my
address but a MAP for my home. How the hell he got anything like that I'm
not sure. That was a home that I paid off for my mother who had been
remarried and was under her new married (and then divorced) name. Shortly
after her death I inherited the property and was renting it out and had "Tom
Kunich is an Asshole" chalked in the driveway and someone actually crapped
on the porch of my renter.

So even though Jobst was very well thought of here there was definitely
something wrong with him.

I have to laugh at the above resurrection. It was almost always
impossible to get the last or best word with Tom Sherman. I did
manage it on several occasions, but it was hard work. My main
strategy was just to outlast him.

But I think even this exchange was not what I would call trolling.
Real trolls are not hard to spot. They are highly repetitious and
stupid besides. Moreover, there are many occasions when you are not
posting content, but going after other factors. That does not mean
it is trolling. However, what happens on Usenet stays on Usenet. I
would have kill filed Brandt for being so asinine as to take his
dispute off of Usenet. He was not trolling; he was threatening
physical violence.

Ed Dolan - Minnesota


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