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Default Do bicycles and cars mix?

On 7 Aug 2003, Tanya Quinn wrote:

I don't see how this is diminishing productivity. Its not so hard to
plan your schedule around the transport schedule

Irrelevant. In a free society, people justifiably demand the freedom to go
exactly where they want, exactly *when* they want.

Most taxi trips are cheaper than that, and if as the OP says they only
need to use a car about once a month its much cheaper to use the taxi
than to pay maintenance, insurance etc on the car. (not to mention it is
depreciating in your driveway)

Fortunately, it's not your decision to make for anyone but yourself.

Is it so terrible to have to wait five minutes while reading a paper
or book

Yes! It's not the degree of the wait, its likelihood or its frequency --
it's putting oneself at the mercy of the vagaries of somebody else's
schedule. It's the principle.



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