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Rick Warner
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Bike theft not such a big issue in France as the Netherlands, and
Burgundy is pretty safe.

Finding touring bikes for rent will be problematic; most of the rental
places carry what we would call hybrids. Last I was in Burgundy,
about 4 years ago, there were rental shops near the train stations in
Dijon and Beaune, but again the bikes they rented were hybrid style.
Did not discourage me ... I just rented one and had a good time.

- rick

On 16 Mar 2005 12:17:53 -0800, "

I don't know about Burgundy, but I do know that many people who bring
their own bikes to the Netherlands come home without their bikes.
Checkout the bike theft statistics for Burgundy.

the Netherlands is definitely worthwhile, despite the bike theft

Dennis P. Harris wrote:

why would you want a bike you've never ridden, never seen? i'd
rather have a bike that i know fits me, one that i'm used to.
dealing with strange traffic, new signs, and a language i sort of
learned 40 years ago was enough trouble. adding a bike i didn't
know would have made it much worse.

take your own bike & bags. it will be worth it.


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