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Ron Ruff
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Default gas electric hybrid bike

Cydrome Leader wrote:
I'm trying to find info on any failed gas-electric hybrid powered
bicycles, but cannot find any.

Anybody know when/how this was tried if at all?

No, I don't... but a decent gas/electric hybrid car (Prius) is quite
complex and expensive. Also, their forte (compared to gas only) is stop
and go city driving, mostly because the engines of gas-only cars are
relatively huge to provide good acceleration and 100+ mph speeds. On a
bike this wouldn't be the case (you'd be close to full power even while
cruising), and I doubt there would be much benefit... and it wouldn't
be worth the cost and complexity.

Now... a pure electric like an Ego or E-max makes a lot of sense to
me... quiet, simple, and efficient... and the range is as long as most
people need. If these were mass produced the price should be quite low.


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