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Default Bridelways now safer

Just zis Guy, you know? tried to scribble ...

Get off the cyclepath! (well, bridleway, anyway).

4x4 drivers fined under new law

As a cyclist, walker, driver, horse rider, motorcyclist, and a 4 x 4 driver
I must say I agree wholeheartedly with the way these people were dealt with.

Those of us who use private land or designated tracks and roadways for our
'off-roading' pay enough for the priviledge without having oiks using
bridleways and footpaths for their motoring pleasure. Must admit, when I'm
horse riding or cycling along a bridleway I'd be most annoyed if I met a 4 x
4 coming the other way, or indeed going the same way, as I.

However, there are still many bridleways and footpaths still marked as
vehicular rights of way on the definitive maps, so be careful out there ..



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