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Default Petty Unicycle Company, Arvada Colorado?

petty wrote:
Are you still interested in knowing about the Petty Unicycle? My dad
made them back in the 50's when we lived in Wichita. They were the
first commercial unicycle made in the US and he advertised in Boy's
Life. When Schwinn started making them, he couldn't compete. Dad kept
about 5 in the garage at all times for anyone in the neighborhood that
wanted to ride. We moved to Arvada in 1961 and he made them for a few
more years. The seats were made to bounce (so they wouldn''t get
destroyed) and shaped so that they could be ridden both ways (no front
or back). My dad helped my brother build a tall unicycle and rode it
in Grand Junction CO and was in the Guiness Book of Records for a
minute before someone rode a taller one. My brother (pictured on the
flyer) used unicycles for delivering papers and he always had tall ones
to ride around on. Linda

Thank you Linda. That is excellent information. Thanks for the details!

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