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Default Does anybody make 37-630 tires?

John B. wrote:

On one of the various bicycle discussion groups I read a comment about
the Kenda 27" x 1-3/8" being about the same width as the 1-1/4" but
were "taller".

John B.

It turns out that all three tires I measured were roughly the same
width: Continental Ultrasport in 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" and the Kenda
1 3/8". None came close to the ISO section widths. If the height is
different, it isn't enough to notice easily; I didn't make any careful
measurements on that score.

The bike shop folks all say "buy new wheels" but as long as the old
ones can be kept reasonably true I'll just live with what I can
buy. The point of my riding is transportation and exercise, and all
the tires work well enough for that. I wanted a bit of comfort, is all......

Thanks to everyone for reading and guiding.

bob prohaska


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