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Default AG: Road Rash

Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

but the distal edge still foams up when
peroxide hits it,

That should have been "proximal"; it was the far edge of the wound
when I was looking at it with my elbow bent.

Sometimes bad design is good. The water lines in our house run
through the slab -- and where else could you run them in a slab house?
So even the faucet closest to the heater runs cold if you turn it off
for a minute, and it takes so long for the water in the master bath to
run hot that I've resigned myself to shaving with cold water. This
has been handy for wound washing: I don't keep boiled-and-cooled
water around, but I can wash for quite a while in water that's been

It hasn't been all that hot (the water heater is set to be "safe" for
old folks and small children) but I figure that the germs will come
down with heat exaustion if they stay slightly above incubation long

Soap and plain water; no peroxide after the first day because our vet
says that peroxide kills off the cells that are trying to make new

It was Dr. Snyder who told us to put a big glob of antibiotic ointment
on a dressing.

I found bandaids big enough to cover the wound and stretchy enough to
stick to an elbow in the first-aid drawer. I put the last one on this
morning, rode to Meijers (about five miles), and bought another box.
They have been "improved" since we bought the old ones; I'll find out
whether they work as well when I get ready for bed tonight.

I also threw the last of the stockinette sleeves into the wash this
morning -- I've been wearing them in bed to keep the bandaid from
getting scraped off -- so it's lucky that I washed two yesterday.

Today was my first real ride of the year -- I rode the Fugi home from
the shop, and had a quick two-mile dash the next day -- and I may have
improved my speed. I won't know until I ask Google how much the wrong
turn added to my trip home. [An even six miles, making my speed 7.8
mph.] But when I was coming through the village, my right knee
(which has been worrying me during my sciatica exercises for months)
said "I don't want any more sprinting, thank you very much" and my
left knee said "Now that you mention it . . ."

Luckily, traffic in the village was light. Slightly amazing at five

Joy Beeson
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