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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

"Blackblade" wrote in message ...

Edward Dolan wrote:

You obviously have no acquaintance with Great Saints, let
alone anyone Great. It is a common condition of dwarfs and midgets like

Ah, hubris.

I've never met a great saint; no, you don't qualify.

Nonsense, you have met ME via this newsgroup. You probably know ME now as well as anybody in this world. And you have to admit, I am no ordinary saint.

The only sad and twisted men I know about are mountain bikers
who ride their bikes on hiking trails. Fortunately, most of them get their
deserved rewards in the way of injuries and death. Almost makes me think there
is some justice in the world after all.

Actually, the fatality rate ... derived from data provided by one M J Vandeman ... is 0.00123 per million miles travelled. So, much safer than driving.

You are quite right about driving being about the most dangerous thing any of us can do. However, mountain biking is actually quite dangerous. For every death there are most likely hundreds if not thousands of injuries. Is that your idea of recreation – to be risking life and limb?

More from the trenches:

Teen mountain biker airlifted after crashing into tree

Published at 17:25, Saturday, 25 January 2014

A youth who crashed into a tree while mountain biking was flown to
hospital by air ambulance.

The 17-year-old, from the Carlisle area, was said to be stable on
arrival at the city's Cumberland Infirmary.

He had been riding alongside the river Eden, close to Wetheral, when
the collision happened in woodland early this afternoon.

He suffered non life-threatening leg, head and arm injuries.

Emergency services, including the air ambulance, North West
ambulance, Cumbria fire and rescue and Penrith Mountain Rescue Team,
were called to help the teenager.

He was treated at the scene by an air ambulance doctor and paramedics
before being airlifted by the Pride of Cumbria helicopter to hospital.”

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great
Saint Edward the Great


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